Can Online Education Compare To Regular Classroom Learning

The potential of online learning is now being realized by all. Internet-based courses and their supporting technology are revolutionizing the way we educate ourselves. Not only does this method allow highly individualized attention, but also eliminates social promotions for the participants. Education of the highest level from the top colleges and universities can be made available to one and all, irrespective of distance or money issues that most often disrupt the passage. It is often observed that most people give up on their educational ambitions because of limitations of distance, professional responsibilities, family responsibilities, or at times even scarcity of resources to fund the education programs. These limitations are eliminated by online education altogether. But can online education ever match up to the level of classroom learning? This question still hangs mid air. There are a number of reasons why people opt for one of the two options, and so the statement cannot be generalized.Every method does have its share of pros and cons. It cannot be said that either of the two methods is free of any problems altogether. Online education is the up and coming method of delivering education. It has been facilitated by the advancements in technology. The internet has brought the world closer and has given innumerable avenues of growth to people. Online education is one such platform that caters to the education needs of individuals who cannot afford classroom learning or who cannot spare enough time for a program as they are bound by certain responsibilities.Regular programs that are delivered on campus help a person indulge in social, psychological and recreational activities that go a long way in building character. At the same time, a classroom program helps a candidate build a good peer group and benefit from shared communications. This feature is being replicated in the online classes as well. The curators of online education realized that this feature is important in order to take online teaching to the next level. Thus, to make online education come clean on its promise of being useful for candidates who are willing to undertake courses from home, online learning must provide a holistic experience to its participants. Certain education groups are made online wherein all the participants come online according to their fixed schedules. The class is conducted in a general manner and everyone is made to participate. The participants of the program share their experience and benefit from mutual contacts and experiences. They are free to voice their opinion on different sections of their field of expertise and this gives everyone in the classroom an opportunity to gain an insight into the work methods of a particular industry. This is a great learning opportunity for all the participants of any course.Considering the above points, it is safe to assume that online education does not completely mitigate all the flaws that learning through an online platform brings with it, but it sure does bring a sea of opportunities that can be easily made use of by executives who do not wish to leave their jobs to fulfill their academic ambitions. online learning is here to stay.

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